Product Design: Standards and Approvals

So you have the ideas & concepts!
A working prototype as well?
And you have the investors funding in place...

But are you really ready to scaleup and launch yet?

Stop! Retrace a few steps!! Because you still need to design for product compliance and get the necessary testing done for approvals.

Designers and engineers often commit the mistake of ignoring the product compliance and standards requirements at the design stage. Sometimes investments are made only to be redone again. Maybe even have go back to the drawing board - If critical aspects of product compliance have been overlooked in the design process.

This is a must if you are planning to develop the product for sale in specifc markets or to several markets around the world! This modules dwells into preparing you for major product approvals by building compliance in the design process itself.

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Full course available at starting Sept, 2018.

Approx. Duration: 2 hrs.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced