Product Design: Sample Study for Performance Benchmarking

Designers and engineers are often challenged with projects from a new industry area - often tasked to develop a new application where internal expertise is not available. In such cases, mostly a product sample might be all that is available for study.

This exercise is not for reverse engineering. Not for copying a design from a successful market player. But there is opportunity for your business or client to capture a market share, with a different selling proposition, targeting a distinctly varied positioning and therefore new users that were looking for an alternative.

The techniques presented in this module are therefore to build knowledge and appropriate technical starting point in order to define your own unique value and product positioning.

This is very complex challenge. The idea is NOT to copy the existing product or offer similar positioning; but the idea is to know what performance levels are required; these are built into the sample product that contributed to its success in the market. In addition, the idea is also to develop a knowledgebase about an existing application without having a prior internal expertise...

So here come the very powerful benchmarking techniques that help reveal the intrinsic performance built into the design and material of the study sample. These are some of the ways of performance benchmarking to help in scoping the desired parameters for a new positioning in the market.

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Approx. Duration: 2 hrs.

Level: Advanced