Manufacturing Technology: Troubleshooting Problems in Plastics

A good plastics part is a combined result of four main factors:
1) A good part design,
2) Correct material quality,
3) Optimised tooling and,
4) Proper molding machine & its processing control

There are other factors too - but largely if these four primary factors can be controlled, the likely outcome would be part that makes its customers delight. It is also common therefore, if a problem is encountered, it can due to a deficiency in one of the above factors, or in some cases, the defects can be due to a combination of more than one of these factors.

This module shall focus on understanding and eliminating plastic part defects for consistent part quality. We shall look at these defects comprehensively and learn about troubleshooting of problems encountered in plastics parts and illustrating their solutions by taking real life examples.

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Full course available at starting Sept, 2018

Approx. Duration: 2 hrs.

Level: Advanced