Industry Focus: Mechanical Product Design in LV Switchgear

Electricity is our lifeline today and its distribution and control requires the use of switchgear. Low Voltage (LV) switchgear is one specific area of immense importance as these products are extensively used by all in public infrastucture, industrial, commercial or residential spaces.

These electrotechnical products are often a complex mix of electrical, mechanical, electronic and thermal systems, that can incorporate various types of sensors (even chemical sensors) and resultant systems are a challenge for the designers - typically cross functional teams of experts would be involved in such product developments.

These complexities put LV switchgear amongst the category of advanced systems to innovate. This modules takes up many such design challenges to equip the designers and engineers with the issues and to approach these developments with confidence.

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Full course available at starting Sept, 2018

Approx. Duration: 4 Hrs.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced