Industrial Design: Conceptualizing using Hybrid Techniques

A talented young designer recently quit a design program because he got fed-up of drawing circles and ellipses correctly! Finally ended up making a wrong choice that he could not be a great designer & innovator... while the fact is that he had fantastic imagination, problem solving talent, ideas and quest for knowledge to build workable solutions!

Often with focus on presentation techniques, a lot of time can be spent on improving technical and illustrative factor of the concept being presented, and focus lost on the real novelty and quality of the idea simply due to the gap in its presentation to potential clients.

In the professional industry too there are many talented designers and engineers with fantastic imagination, ideas and talents who struggle to illustrate and present their concepts in a impactful and realistic way... Using a mix of hybrid tools to bridge such situations, both in illustration & presentation techniques, quality of presentation skills & communication of ideas can be taken to a very high level - even if the designers and engineers donot have that gifted flow of making quick presentable sketches and concepts.

The focus in this module is the strength of your ideas and concept. The presentation and communication of the same should not become a barrier for industry acceptance of your innovations. In this module I will show you how every industrial designer and design engineer can quickly use hybrid techniques to get their presentations right! And very salable...

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Approx. Duration: 2 hrs.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced