Ergonomics: Display and Control for Industrial Systems

A great innovation in industrial automation, or even a breakthrough  technological advancement in medical diagnostics, becomes reduced in its effectiveness the corresponding systems are difficult to operate, difficult to interface, difficult to communicate with; and, difficult to manage!

Human factors and interface design for optimum interaction with devices make for the very purpose of their effective utilization.

In this module of "Ergonomics: Display and Control for Industrial Systems" we look at the criticality of the elements of Visual Communication in these industries. From the graphic design of labels and symbols, choice of typography, backgrounds and other such visual elements, that must combine to enable comfortable and meaningful technical and fool-proof interfaces that enhance user experience and interaction quality.

Industrial and Medical Systems can often be critical, life saving systems that require a completely different approach to methods employed by designers for enhanced quality of information sharing. 

On top these visual elements are also reflective of the brand, and help to increase the perceived brand value of the equipment manufacturer by easy, comfortable and meaningful operatability of the system.

Elements of styling and visual communication become much critical in industrial and medical systems as compared to the freehand approach possible in design of display and controls in consumer electronics or consumer durables.

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Full course available at starting Sept, 2018

Approx. Duration: 2 hrs.

Level: Basic to Intermediate