Design Technology: Material Selection for Plastics Parts

There are thousands of grades and a vast range in plastic materials, and further - there are tailor made variants for unique performance and benefits.

With such a large choice it is often difficult for product designers to choose an appropriate plastic material ideally suited for their part designs and end use performance. Therefore it is critical that designers have:

  • A broad understanding of material choices,
  • Clear view of application considerations,
  • Understanding of a clear path that combines these material choices and application requirements to make a viable material selection.

This course focuses on the material selection process for product designers & engineers and provides real life examples and methods to follow to find the optimum material, its suppliers and its near alternatives. It includes example exercises, worksheets, simple calculators and decision markers for designers to make plastic material selection easier.

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Approx. Duration: 1.5 hrs.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced