Design in Plastics: Tooling Design and Optimization

Plastics tooling or "moulds" as often referred to, plays the most important part in converting the design to real product. Plastic tooling is tailormade for the part geometry and optimized for its processing, and, typically usable on molding machines from all manufacturers. Quality of tooling largely determines the part quality and its production life.

Design of the tooling is a specialized area in itself - a domain of plastic tooling designers and engineers and aided by super specialized tooling experts of hot runner systems, shut off nozzles, localized heating and cooling solutions, and special controllers etc. to facilitate specialized processing methods.

Tooling design and quality can make or break a part, irrespective of how well the part was designed. It is the primary means for quality mass production of the part. In this module we shall focus on tooling design as well as tooling optimization based on simulation of processing on part design before the tooling is actually made.

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Approx. Duration: 3 hrs.

Level: Advanced