Design in Plastics: Materials and Processes Overview

With increasing debate about plastics - their use and misuse, and the growing environmental impact these materials have; a good and practical knowledge of plastics materials and processes is essential for everyone in any industry today. Users too are taking cognisance of plastics use defining our daily lives and learning about what constitutes a justifiable use of plastics!

The role of designers and engineers, therefore becomes critical in specifying plastics applications and assumes great importance, and correspondingly - their improper and irresponsible use can have devastating effects leading to increasing energy footprint and waste accumulation.

This module introduces to the plastic materials and process from both, a technical viewpoint, as well as from the viewpoint of their responsible use and afterlife management of such materials.

Better understanding of plastics and their alloys, blends and compounds can help in better and justifiable decision making in developing applications for their optimum use.

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Approx. Duration: 2 hrs.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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