Meet the Team

Our team consists of industry experts who have been a part of hundreds of New Product Introductions and Techno-Commercial successes in the marketplace. Previously our team members have been serving both global and local companies in areas ranging from Electrotechnical, Telecom and Aerospace, to the complete design construction of infrastucture systems.

With this network of of professionals, 2018 marks the start of a new partnership with the industry where in addition to projects consulting, we shall focus on bringing technical expertise in form of learning modules.

Our Approach

We plug in as client's “expert virtual team” bringing additional value as a “partner” committed to shared goals for our customers success. Whether it is Innovative Solutions, new Materials, Processes, Technologies - we help the client leveraging global trends, alternative solutions, maximizing infrastucture, capability and internal resources.

We aim to provide innovative, competitive solutions in demanding time-frames and reasonable budgets. In area of Material Solutions, Processing Technology, Tooling, Design & Engineering.
There are multiple platforms for Conceptualization, Engineering Design Detailing and Analysis - Total 8 seats of various CAD/CAE workstations and floating software licenses.

Pradeep Chowdhary - Founder

Product Development Consultant
Industrial Designer

Over 27 years of experience in New Product Introduction, Engineering Materials and Industry Development.

14 years with GE; starting from Design & Engineering until heading Marketing and Engineered Materials business.

Has several patents filed for innovations in diverse industries.

Consultant in development cycle for OEMs & Tier1 contractors for clients such as Eaton, Microsoft, Airtel, Railways, Zamil, Honda, Toyota, C&S etc., Defence and Space contractors.

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