With multiple design awards, patents and hundreds of products successfully developed and launched for OEMs spread across the globe, experts at Industry Development Network can help you realize new generation products quickly & competitively!

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  • Telecom Infrastucture & IOT products
  • Safety, Security, Defence & Aerospace
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Energy Distribution & Control
  • Consumer Durables & Electronics
  • Medical Systems & Devices
  • Clean water & Air developments
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Industry Development Network brings practical expertise in Design Technology for product designers & engineers.

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Industry Development Network

Convert Ideas to Designs, Validate with CAE simulations, Scaleup quickly for Prototype Testing, Get faster approvals, Tooling troubleshooting & Manufacturing Productivity

We bring expertise in developing new applications across wide areas. By evolving targeted NPI plans and working concurrently with your internal experts and market specialists, we develop product strategies and positioning. Concepts that can be benchmarked against competitive products and technologies.

We develop alternative solutions. From Industrial Design & Product Design Engineering, complete validation by simulation and scaleup testing. to, discreet alternative solutions where patents and technology challenges exist.

Our experts have won several National & International awards, and have a global development experience with many fortune 500 companies.

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